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  1. I

    Should I upgrade from WiFi 6, to at least 6e, at this point?

    Hey all, been a while since I've posted a question here. I've been using an Asus RT-AX86U for the past few years. While there is nothing wrong with this router, and everything is working. For future compatibility, would it be ideal to upgrade from this WiFi 6 router to at least 6e? I did...
  2. Nick B

    Adding/Maintaining Support for RT-AX89X in Merlin (from One Dev to Another)

    Hello everyone, This is about me adding support for RT-AX89X. It's primarily addressed to @RMerlin, but if anyone has specific technical details, feel free to jump in and assist in the answering with @RMerlin. That being said, I just want to start with that I'm not just a user. I'm not asking...
  3. T

    RT-AC86U and Alexa IFTTT compatibility

    I just purchased a brand new Asus RT-AC86U router, and I was astonished to see that the latest Asus firmware does not contain the Alexa and IFTTT page. This is despite the fact that all RT-AC86U reviews that I read say it is compatible with Alexa, same as the AC88. Then I installed the latest...
  4. Karolinska

    ASUS says RT-AC1750_B1 doesn't support HFS+ USB Drives, would Merlin firmware solve this problem?

    Hi. Recently, I just purchased a RT-AC1750_B1 wireless router. Rumours says it's exactly the same as RT-AC66U_B1 and all third party firmwares of RT-AC66U_B1 are supported on RT-AC1750_B1. But on this site (, I found HFS+ external drives are...
  5. escape75

    AC8260 & AC8265 major connection issues with Asus routers ...

    Has anyone noticed weird issues with their RT-AC68U (and RT-AC1900P, etc) router and pretty much any Intel WiFi adapter (specifically Intel AC826x adapters) on 2.4 Ghz? Here's the thread I contacted Intel about this, and all the testing I've done...