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  1. XIII

    388.1: Cannot set up IPSec VPN on GT-AX6000 (with settings from 386.7_2 on RT-AC86U)

    Recently I purchased a GT-AX6000 to replace my RT-AC86U, so that I can run the new 388 firmware. I managed to manually replicate my old 386.7_2 setup from scratch in 388.1, except for IPSec VPN which keeps failing: Dec 20 22:07:32 00[DMN] Starting IKE charon daemon (strongSwan 5.9.6, Linux...
  2. T

    RT-AC88U Lost top 4 ports

    Hi, I updated to the latest version of Asus Merlin (384.17) and lost the top 4 LAN ports, port 5-8. When I go to Tools -> Sysinfo and scroll down to the Port list it says this : Port VLAN Link State Last Device Seen WAN 2 1000 Full Duplex 00:00:00:00:00:00 LAN 1...
  3. DominArsen

    Fichier Settings_RT-AC68U.CFG / mot de passe Cassé

    Hello, A first configuration I create a password and a username with keepass (Password manager) I do my configuration of the router Asus RT AC68U. I save my configuration (Settings_RT-AC68U.CFG). I let it run for a few weeks, it's great! I go back to configure .. Several weeks pass,I want to go...
  4. M

    SMB custom config script not applying changes

    Hi, i've created a custom script (/jffs/scripts/smb.postconf) for adding access based share enum = true to smb config but the changes just won't apply. I've checked the log and the script seem to run without errors and regarding the smb daemon it disable before and start after the script...
  5. D

    USB 3 full speed not working

    Hi! I have install 384.8_2 on my AC-RT66U_b1 to be able to cofigure SMB. SMB main conf is: Connected 3.5 USB3 HDD with separate power source. (MAIVO K3568g2+WDC WD40 EFRX-68N32N0). On PC i have 100-150 MB/s (800-1200 Mb/s)+- seq read, depends on part of the disk and 20% less seq write. Log...
  6. B

    Rename RT-AC66U_B1 on config page

    I have three RT-AC66U_B1 devices. When I go to any of their configuration web pages, it just tells me that it is "RT-AC66U_B1" but doesn't give me a clue which one. We use the same SSID's on all three devices, which is the way we want it. With our old Linksys routers, I could rename each to a...
  7. Zonkd

    Modify openvpn server settings via ssh instead

    Is this here the correct file to edit with nano if I want to manually change my openvpn server 1 settings via ssh (without web console gui)??? /tmp/etc/openvpn/server1/config.ovpn I don't see any server config files that might apply in /jffs/openvpn/ , only my PKI files like ca,crt,key Has...