RT-AC88U Lost top 4 ports

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I updated to the latest version of Asus Merlin (384.17) and lost the top 4 LAN ports, port 5-8.

When I go to Tools -> Sysinfo and scroll down to the Port list it says this :

Port VLAN Link State Last Device Seen
WAN 2 1000 Full Duplex 00:00:00:00:00:00
LAN 1 1 1000 Full Duplex ABCD
LAN 2 1 1000 Full Duplex Sony
LAN 3 1 10 Full Duplex <none>
LAN 4 1 Unplugged <none>
LAN 5 (RTK) NA Unplugged <unknown>
LAN 6 (RTK) NA Unplugged <unknown>
LAN 7 (RTK) NA Unplugged <unknown>
LAN 8 (RTK) NA Unplugged <unknown>

I have had DD-WRT on this router a while ago, and it only managed to show/use 4 ports so I switched to ASUS Merlin, but now I get the same behaviour in Merlin.

Any ideas how to fix?
Also, any guides how to configure the switch ports via SSH ?


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Power off completely and turn back on.
Well known issue if you search.

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