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    A couple quick questions about changing providers

    Hey all, As some know I moved from Florida to Louisiana and have a new apartment now. In that process I was also forced to change internet providers as Spectrum, who I had for years is not here. So, I had to go with Cox. Anyway, my questions are these: 1. After setting the cox gateway into...
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    Asus 3200 (Merlin 384.13.2) won't register w/Cox Gigablast Modem

    Set my Cox "panoramic wifi" Gigablast modem (Docsis 3.1)to Bridge mode, but after much weeping and gnashing of teeth (with and w/o Cox assistance) could NOT get my Asus 3200 (Merlin 384.13.2) to access the Internet through what was now simply a modem gateway. The 3200 and the Gigablast appeared...