dhcp reservations

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  1. gspannu

    Save/ Restore DHCP assignments & icons (LAN -> DHCP Server -> Manually Assigned IP)

    I have a ASUS RT-AX88U router that I need to factory reset (for various reasons). On the LAN -> DHCP Server... I have around 20 manually assigned IP addresses and with assigned icons I will lose all these entries as soon as I do a factory reset and will then have to type these in manually...
  2. T

    DHCP Server in AP mode

    I need to use the router from my Internet provider because it has a built in fiber ONU. However, the DHCP server only supports 16 reservations and I need way more. Any suggestions?
  3. D

    Constant disconnects (Wifi) and unable to delete manually assigned IP's 384.16

    Hi All, I have constant disconnects on my wifi. I have 3x 86U's. 2 wired as AImesh. I've disabled the 5G, did all the beam disabling etc. Read everything I could find. Moved the routers etc, factory reset and so on. Log gives me a couple of errors consistant: kernel: jffs2: Argh. No free...
  4. R

    DHCP ip address lost after reboot

    I just updated to firmware 384.13 and I lost all of my DHCP reservations that I had set up. I tried setting up again, but any time I reboot the router, I get "no data in table". I reverted back to 384.12, but have the same issue, and I have no clue what could be going on (I am adding the IP...
  5. gatorback

    Add DHCP static leases from CLI

    It is convenient to be able to add a list DHCP reservations from the CLI (Telnet / SSH). The NVRAM variable: dhcp_staticlist stores dhcp static leases: <MAC_Addresses> LAN_IPs>hostnames< for example: <B8:27:EB:F6:55:55>>rapsberrypi< nvram show dhcp_staticlist An example for...
  6. K

    Losing DHCP Reserved addresses - range issue?

    Think I found the answer, want to confirm. Previous router I always allocated reserved DHCP addresses *outside of* the allocated DHCP block: E.g., DHCP block 10.xx.yy.30-99, reserved addresses for NAS/servers at 10.xx.yy.10-20, and their IP is not set on the given host. I have a ~15 yr old...
  7. ADFHogan

    Static DHCP allocation page fails to fully load after upgrade to 380.68

    Have several static DHCP allocations to machines on my network. Upgraded to 380.68 today, then as I was going through the different UI pages, figured I'd update the hostnames of a couple of entries. Clicked to edit, adjusted hostnames, clicked + ... did this on 2-3 entries, assigning unique...