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  1. boston

    SSHFS - remote host has disconnected

    Hi! I'm not being able to use SSHFS with -F flag needed to use the IdentityFile to login, always getting: remote host has disconnected . Also, don't know how to check if the sftp Subsystem is running or needed. Command: Tnk
  2. garycnew

    Tutorial [SOLUTION] Asuswrt-Merlin DropBear SSH-Key Based Auth To/From AiMesh Nodes & Workstations Tutorial

    The following is an Asuswrt-Merlin DropBear SSH-Key Based Auth To/From AiMesh Nodes & Workstations Tutorial gleaned from Existing Posts in this Forum (RE: References). Requirements/Assumptions: 1. An Asuswrt-Merlin Compatible Router (i.e., Asus RT-AC66U) 2. Asuswrt-Merlin Compatible Firmware...
  3. T

    Problems with ssh daemon on a 4G-AC68U due to missing host keys

    I have firmware on the router and it is failing to start the dropbear ssh server due to missing ssh host key files. Syslog states following error: Mar 29 11:31:14 dropbear[21385]: Failed loading /etc/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key Mar 29 11:31:14 dropbear[21385]: Failed...
  4. truglodite

    Homeassistant SSH stops working with 384.18

    Lots of folks including myself are using the ssl deamon ssh server on our routers to track wifi connections of our phones (this is used for home automations). Nothing new there, and Homeassistant has a nice asuswrt component that in the past has worked reliably. However, with the latest merlin...
  5. GeneM

    RT-AC87U-Log file is getting bombarded with Successful Dropbear messages

    Greetings. My log file is getting bombarded with successful Dropbear messages, everytime Home Assistant is checking on things (ssh is only open to LAN.) I'd like to say this started with 384.13_1, but I can't be 100% certain. Is there anything I can do to reduce this logging level? Or...
  6. cmkelley

    "Alternate" Entware configuration - OOPS, don't do it!

    UPDATE: Leaving the below for posterity's sake, but don't do it. Some Entware stuff won't work with the "standard" entware setup, so far "man" and "openssh" because they appear to be hard-coded to expect different configurations (such as UID 0 being "root", which at least on my AC86U, the GUI...
  7. M

    Dropbear: Public/Private key pair + passphrase doesn't work?

    Question: does dropbear accept ssh key pairs with a passphrase? I've copied a public key into the ssh settings (which I normally use, I just generated a new one), but noticed that once I used a passphrase it kept refusing to connect. The keypair was generated with Puttygen and converted to...
  8. cmkelley

    Anyone get OpenSSH (entware) working?

    Not because I really need to, but just because I want to, I want to replace dropbear with OpenSSH on my RT-AC3200. I've installed openssh-keygen, openssh-moduli, openssh-server, and openssh-sftp-server from entware. I moved dropbear to port 2222 so I could still get into the router, generated...
  9. M

    SSH Integrity error

    I am trying to clone Raspberry PI remotely into mounted USB drive via command ssh polo@192.168.1.XXX -p 27 "sudo dd if=/dev/mmcblk0p1 | sudo gzip -9 -" | dd of=mmcblkop1.gz The small boot partition (75Mb) is cloned fine, but the big one (3.6Gb) fails with such error ssh: Connection to...
  10. M

    Dropbear not identifying key correctly?

    I generated a new ssh key this morning, using PuTTy Key Generator as I previously saw dropbear in syslog warning for using a SHA1 key, allthough I was sure I generated a RSA SHA2 key with ssh-keygen. So I generated a 256 bit ECDSA RSA2 key with passphrase, removed the old key on both server and...