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  1. C

    ax11000 has peak cpu

    with my gt ax11000 pro i have frequently dropouts in radio10.nl those peaks seems the reason my music stop i use only ax1100 in middle of the house on the staircase near ceiling ipcams 2.4 (5x),aircon,washmachine, cp (4x) ,tablet 5.1(1x),laptop 5.1(1x) laptop wired daily noon restart as far i...
  2. T

    XT8 normal behavior?

    I've just bought a pair of XT8s to go with my 1000/1000 MB internet connection. The XT8 node has 'great' signal strength to the 'XT8 router' via wireless(5GHz) backhaul. I'll get 430/250 MB wireless wifi on my S22 phone from the node, which I'm pleased with. However, watching the World cup...
  3. A


    HI there My ASUS RT- AC86U has started playing up all of a sudden. The 2.4 ghtz network is very slow around 80meg down and the 5ghtz fluctuates in its performance and sometimes it will reach top speed but not always. I am usually able to get speeds of 250-275 meg down consistently over both...
  4. ADFHogan

    Diagnosing frequent dropouts

    Short version: Am noticing my internet connection drop out roughly every 4 hours, fairly consistently, but nothing obvious is popping out as a cause. ISP doesn't register every dropout, nor does the modem, suggesting that not all situations where the router detects no internet are actually no...