ethernet adapter

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  1. U

    Hotspot to WAN Port Wired Connection

    Anyone find a wired usb-to-ethernet adapter that connects a single-port (usbc) hotspot to a router's WAN port? Driving this is T-mobile's recently-mounted 5G data-only (incl sms) campaign. (Most in the US have likely noticed by now? Or maybe not lol.) It offers 30 GB/mo for $10 postpaid, incl...
  2. Mugatu

    Powerline ethernet for greater reliability?

    Hi all, I'm wondering if a powerline ethernet adapter would help my situation. I am experiencing interruptions when streaming hi-res content from Tidal. Current setup is a cable modem Technicolor TC4400 plugged to an ASUS RT-AC1750 B1 router running the latest Merlin firmware. ISPs current...