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  1. M

    AdGuardHome AdGuard Home fails to start after reboot

    Router: RT-AX86U - 386.5.2 AdGuard Home: 1.5.2 - build Release Sometimes, when I restart the router, AdGuard simply doesn't start. About every 3 router reboots, 1 AdGuard doesn't start. When that happens, I manually start the service and it just starts with no issues...
  2. S

    Win 10 fails to do a system image backup on a HDD connected to Netgear R7800 (Error 0x80070570)

    Ok, so guys I have never created a full system image over Networked Attached Storage, so this is the issue I'm facing whenever I start doing a backup, as soon as it reaches C:/ it gives me this error below. I have performed CHKDSK command on both the internal and the external HDD. The system...
  3. R

    RT-AC68U large downloads fail with "Network Error"

    Hello friends: I have a RT-AC68U (an uplifted RT-AC1900..) which might be failing. It works totally fine except for some specific strange errors. I find that certain large downloads will fail, with the error "Network error" in browsers such as chrome and firefox. Using wget under linux will...
  4. GHammer

    384.13 Static Address DHCP- Failed To Write File

    I added a device today and this entry appeared in the log. Sep 3 08:43:47 dnsmasq-dhcp[25362]: failed to write /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases: No space left on device (retry in 12s) NVRAM usage 65718 / 131072 bytes JFFS 2.46 / 48.00 MB This is the 19th device assigned a static IP.
  5. C

    RT-AC68U firmware update failure

    I'm am trying to update the firmware on my RT-AC68U. It is currently Merlin build Initially my goal was to try and return it to the latest non-Merlin ASUS stock firmware RT-AC68U_3.0.0.4_384_45717 (which are far as I can tell can be done.) I reset the router and tried to...
  6. C

    Unable to setup VPN Client Merlin 384.6

    I'm running Merlin 384.6 on an ASUS rt-ac3200. I want to set up a VPN and I am able to setup the VPN Server and export an .ovpn file. When I import the .ovpn file on the VPN client screen, the file uploads and I get the 'upload complete' message. About five seconds later the screen flashes...
  7. P

    Home Networking Security Fail

    This might be of interest to SNB readers: An easy failure for home networking security.
  8. M

    DDNS update fail after update to 380.6+

    After I updated my AC87U to the latest 380.60 beta2, my DDNS configuration to is not working anymore. I only realized that today, so I downloaded the new version 380.61 and updated my router, and DDNS still not working. After I choose server No-IP and correctly insert my login...