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RT-AC68U firmware update failure

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I'm am trying to update the firmware on my RT-AC68U. It is currently Merlin build Initially my goal was to try and return it to the latest non-Merlin ASUS stock firmware RT-AC68U_3.0.0.4_384_45717 (which are far as I can tell can be done.)
  • I reset the router and tried to updated it, but it fails.
  • I put it into Rescue Mode and tried, but it fails.
  • I tried to instead update to the latest Merlin build RT-AC68U_384.12_0, thinking I could make sure the latest build was on there before I tried to convert over to the stock firmware. But it fails.
I've tried to do this through the web interface and the Firmware Restoration Utility. Thru the web interface, it looks like it is done with the update, being returned to the start page, but I look at the build number and it isn't changed. Thru the restoration utility, it gets to about 64% and then fails.

My goal once I've returned the firmware to the ASUS version is to try to set up AiMesh. I'm hoping for some guidance here.
Try upgrading to Merlin 378.50 first, then reset then try another upgrade to a newer version.
You coming from an old version , the CFE need to be upgrade for the partition size or something like that :oops: . 2 firmwares can do that , 378.55 or 376.3626 from asus

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