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  1. GHammer

    An Observation- 386 Code, AX86U, and WiFi Failure

    I have observed that my AX86U loses the ability to pass traffic via WiFi once per three day period. I say once in a three day period because that is as long as I've seen things stay up while one day is the shortest period. Doesn't matter if I run official or Merlin, once in a three day period...
  2. W

    Asus merlin update issue

    Hi All, New member & posting for the first time. Sorry if this was asked earlier. I have been using asus merlin for couple of years now on my Asus RT-AC68U. But after updating to 384.5, I am no longer able to update the router to any newer version. When I tried updating to 384.6, the router...
  3. S

    Can't revert to latest Merlin firmware on RT-AC68

    I bought an RT-AC68U (CFE ver, boardrev 0x1100, HW_ver 170; was a TM-AC1900) that I initially installed Merlin's firmware on. After using it awhile, I decided to try out the AdvancedTomato firmware, which is what I had been used to on most of my previous (non-Asus) routers. I haven't...
  4. SJMarty

    [RT-AC66R] Very Strange Firmware Updating Behavior

    I have two RT-AC66R routers configured as router/AP. They were both running v1.28. Since I was running such an old version, I decided to try out the newer firmwares available (Shibby v1.40, Merlin v380.67_0, and stock ASUS v380.7743). I took the AP down and flashed to Merlin and then stock...