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    AC68U - (UK - Vodafone, Cityfibre) only 300Mbps downstream on gigabit line

    With the vodafone router I get 900+ Mbps downstream. ...But if I use my AC68U in its place and doing a speed test from the router itself I get only 1/3rd of that (slightly more than that upstream consistently for some reason). QoS is disabled - I even checked it was disabled in NVRAM. I'm...
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    Third party SFP+ transceivers for the Engenius ECS1528P switch?

    I have an Engenius ECS1528P switch, and a Ubiquiti UDM-Pro on the way. I want to connect them with a fibre optic cable. I know you can get third party SFP+ transceivers for the Ubiquiti (eg. 10GTek), but are there any compatible with the Engenius? Engenius lists some third party SFP ones on...
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    Questions WAN 10GB Fiber connection

    Hello, Around here in Switzerland, I just got fiber connection: "WAN Status: Rx:10Gbps Tx:10Gbps" The ISP started to tell me something weird, which start to raise some concerns. Basically on the ISP provider router (AX7501-B0), we can't even configure DNS now. The attempt of explanation...
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    How many types of the fiber Optic cable?

    There are 2 types of fiber. 1) Multi mode and 2) Single mode Multimode fiber handle the multiple light rays at the same time by having different optical properties at the core. A single-mode optical fiber (SMF) is an optical fiber designed to carry only a single mode of light