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  1. mutlucan

    Slow secured file transfer only on WiFi

    I have RT-AX86U with 386.1_2 firmware. I'm getting about 3 MB/s speeds when using protocols like SMB v2, SFTP only on WiFi. With Ethernet, speeds are 75 MB/s. Then I try SMB v1 and FTP to transfer a file over WiFi, I get 75 MB/s just fine. I tried FTP and SMB servers both on the router and...
  2. M

    Information about SMB Support

    Hi, Based on the EOL of the SMB1 Protocoll with the latest WIN10 version ( /, I got in contact with the Asus Support regarding Samba updates and...
  3. K

    Sharing Sub Sub Folders

    I must be thick because for some reason I can't figure this out. I'm looking for every option in the UI and have come up blank. I have an AC68U with Melin firmware and I am trying to share a folder further down in the heirachy process but I can't find a way to drill further down within the...