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  1. gspannu

    [Help] DNS Forwarding, User scripts, Launching at startup

    Some help needed in creating scripts and firewall rules… Requirement: R1) I wish to run my own dnsproxy server at port 53535 (installed at /jiffs/dnsproxy/dnsproxy). This is a opensource software available on Gthub known as dnsproxy. I have tested this on the Asus Router and it has been running...
  2. M

    Directing OpenVPN Server Clients to static addresses

    Little bit of a noob here, so bear with me and please forgive my poor use of terminology. Setting me straight is appreciated! Where I'm at so far: Currently have 4 server clients setup for connecting to server 1; client1-4 Previously, I was using a TAP connection and a static mac addresses...
  3. Chris H

    Modifying OpenVPN firewall/iptables rule?

    I've noticed that a handful of IPs seem to be repeatedly trying to connect to my (asuswrt-merlin powered) router's OpenVPN server. I'm not too worried about it since I'm using key + password authentication, but I set up a simple ipset integration in "firewall-start" to block them anyway...
  4. HuskyHerder

    Custom script proper usage?

    I started by appending my script to the wan-start below the ab-solution portion. The script is, just a sleep event to ensure the WAN is active, and then issue a pushover notification. Is that the desired approach, to append to the existing script ? Is there somewhere I could actually specify...
  5. BryanLee

    Only allow OpenVPN connections to the outside (iptables)

    I have a computer on my local LAN that I wish to only be able to make DNS queries and OpenVPN connections to the outside world, everything else should be dropped. In other words, if it's VPN connection goes down, I want it cut off. But I'm not sure how to do this... I thought this would work...