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  1. Z

    Help regarding identifying port forwarding

    Hi guys, New here. I have an Asus RT-AC88U connected to the net with 3 pcs and a NAS and a couple phones and tablets in LAN. I have 2 ports forwarded from my NAS to host my website. There are no other ports redirected or forwarded to my knowledge/manually done by me. However today I was going...
  2. T

    VPN client port forwarding

    I configured a VPN client in the 4G-AC68U, the router is successful registered into the VPN and has a static IP address. However I am not able to drive anything on this port. There is no documentation how to utilize this interface. (The VPN is working for sure, I have other clients working...
  3. N

    Asus openvpn same subnet local/remote workaround?

    I am wondering if someone can tell me how to setup a subnet alias/masq/translation/forwarding/mapped (not sure of the correct term) on the asus firewall. Here is the scenario asus stock firmware, openvpn server, workplace subnet is stuck at 192.168.1.x vpn/rdc works great for remote workers...
  4. Joel Teixeira

    firewall-start script VS web UI port forwarding

    Hey there, I'm a little confused regarding port forwarding on my ASUS AC3200. I disabled uPnP since it seems to be related with some security concerns and mapped all ports manually. My main doubt is, do I need to use the firewall-start script if the rule is already on the "WAN - Virtual Server...
  5. N

    Port forward back to wan interface, RT-N66U

    Heey guys, I have some shirtty setup atm. Let me explain. I have a server running which is directly connected to the modem. on the router, which is also connected to the modem, I have script running which automatically sends a WOL when there is traffic for the server ip. So in order to have the...
  6. W

    OpenVPN Client bypassing a single port

    I would like to port-forward SSH (22) from my router to one of my IP that are using VPN: with VPN connected is not possible. Do you know any alternative to do it even with VPN connected? X:22 --> Y:22 = does not work! Please note, that using a third "actor" (like a Raspberry) works perfectly...