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    Help with Frontier/MoCa/Router with static IPs

    Just got a Frontier Fiber business account that has 5 static IPs. The tech wired it from ONT to in-house Sagemcom FAST5290 router using existing coax. I'm having a lot of trouble provisioning out the static IPs from there to my internal equipment. It seems like the IPs are not really...
  2. G

    Frontier fiber internet - Can I build a Moca LAN

    Hello Everyone, Currently I have Frontier fiber internet, and use coax connection. The ONT box is located outside the house, and the technician put a Frontier FCA251 MoCA adapter in the ONT. In my study room, coax cable from my wall Jack connect to another Frontier Moca adapter, and then use...
  3. S

    ET12 connection to Frontier ONT fiber (500Mbps Up/Down) issue

    I could use some help troubleshooting my routers connection to my Frontier (formerly Verizon) ONT fiber box. Let me give you some background info. I have had my ISP's fiber service since 2006 and I have always used my own router. I upgraded to 500Mbps up/down in October of last year. The router...
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    Frontier Fios MOCA setup

    Over the years I had switched back and forth between Verizon / Frontier Fios and Spectrum cable for my internet and cable TV programming. I have had a successful MOCA network with each of them. I have just switched again this time back to Frontier Fios but just for internet with plans to use a...
  5. D

    Replace Router FIOS - Frontier AKA Verizon

    I have a FIOS router M1424-WR Rev F. from 5 years ago when the network was installed at my house. I'm using a ASUS RT-AC66U in between the FIOS router and my devices for better WIFI and to achieve 1GB bandwidth. I'm getting tired of the ASUS failing. In the past 7 months it needed a...