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  1. ucoms

    Tutorial SFP GPON MGTS ASUS RT-AX89X - Works in 2023 2024

    SFP GPON MGTS ASUS RT-AX89X - Works in 2023 2024 Video: # Instructions for configuring the GPON SFP module for ASUS RT-AX89X 1. Buy a module netmod-SFPXBR2GR together with the SFP module "Green optical Attenuator SC/APC-SC/UPC" in the same netmod store and insert it into Asus But...
  2. C

    GPON solution for home.

    So I have a GPON ISP that uses something called syrotech (basically rebranded ZTE). Most ISPs in my area are switching to this kind of setup. It is either Nokia GPON gateways, or some zte/huawei rebranded stuff. I am planning changing all my home networking gear to mostly UniFi though I dont...
  3. B

    Quantenna and Cortina provide Wi-Fi 6 enabled GPON gateway & router reference designs

    Quantenna and Cortina today announced that they teamed up to deliver reference designs for Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) routers and GPON gateways based on Quantenna's Wi-Fi 6 chips, the QSR10GU-AX Plus and QSR5GU-AX Plus, and Cortina's network processors, the Cortina CA7742 and Cortina CA8279.