GPON solution for home.

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So I have a GPON ISP that uses something called syrotech (basically rebranded ZTE). Most ISPs in my area are switching to this kind of setup. It is either Nokia GPON gateways, or some zte/huawei rebranded stuff. I am planning changing all my home networking gear to mostly UniFi though I dont mind going pfsense for the router part (as long as I can make it compact and fit it in a small rack). My question is what is the best way to get the GPON connected to my network? The gateway they provide is total crap. It has some really old firmware and things like firewall that although I have turned off add to nothing more than security issues. Not to mention the fact that disabling these things improve its performance but it does need a reboot once in a while and you can basically immediately notice a performance boost if you do that. My ISP uses PPPoE and I dont think they register the GPON units with them its more like just use this to dial into our network so I am thinking replacing it with something won't be an issue. They have put a dual mode fiber (but use just one for now) for future upgrades but I dont need anything more than 200 mbit for now and I am sure they will have gigabit plans in at least a year. I am thinking of going with something like the Mikrotik GPON SFP module or some other GPON module I can find on ebay but are they all the same? Is there a GPON to Ethernet box if that is a better option that I can order ? Probably dreaming here but is there some GPON gateway that runs openwrt or something similar ?


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Did they install a combined ONT+router device or two devices? If you have a separate ONT you can just use it with your own router.
If you want to get your own ONT you have to ask in your ISP forum for which ones are compatible. You will also need to ask about the exact configuration and credentials that you will have to use.
Over here in Spain these ONT available in Amazon can be used with Movistar:
-Ubiquiti Networks UFiber Loco
-UBIQUITI Networks UFiber Nano G
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