gt axe 1600

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    GT-AXE 16000 Latest Merlin and latest Stock both have memory leaks

    I can verify this with both Merlin 386.6 and Stock 24329 Firmwares. About 42 devices connected NO QOS - NO VPN - NO DNS Director - DNS over TLS active IP reservations Simple setup. This happened to me twice now on each firmware. Stock - 30% free memory on reboot - after 7 days the memory...
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    GT-AXE 11000 vs GT-AXE 16000 Please advise

    Wondering if there is any difference in wifi strength with these 2 routers. I currently have the AXE-1100 and am thinking of upgrading to the 16000. The only difference I see is the 3 vs 4 bands and the 10gb ports. I currently have a 1 gb internet connection so not sure if the 10 gb ports...