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  1. T

    Turn a LAN Port into Guest ?

    Hi, I have a device that needs to have faster speeds which can only be achieved by using one of the LAN Ports. However, I want to have that specific device to be a part of the guest network rather than internal network like all the LAN Ports are. Is there any script or way that would force a...
  2. M

    Configure LAN Port as Guest Network?

    I am running Asuswrt-Merlin v 384.14 on an Asus RT-AC68U router. I would like to be able to configure one of the LAN ports to be a Guest Network, so that all of the devices connected via that hardwired port will have internet only access and be blocked from accessing any other LAN or WiFi...
  3. W

    Using VLAN vs. Guest Network on RT-AC66U?

    I’m using the latest ASUS firmware for the AC-66U (, which I don’t believe has VLAN capability. I would like to segment my IoT devices off from the main network for security since these devices usually are weak on security. What would be the downside of using a guest network...
  4. Adam Siemiginowski

    Limit Guest Network Bandwidth on Router + Access Point to Prevent Packet Loss

    Hi. I have a router (RT-AC87U) and access point (RT-AC5300) both running Merlin 380.68. My goal with this post is to document how to: limit a guest networks bandwidth to 40% of my total 60mbps down / 5mbps up connection, and if also possible, preserve Adaptive QoS functionality which ensures...
  5. S

    AC-5300 Guest Network & Airprint Printers

    I have a client (auto dealership) that we've install an AC-5300 to broadcast an employee secured network (hidden); and have enable the guest network for customers to hop on while in the showroom. With more and more mobile devices we now have then need to allow customers to print to airprint...
  6. coolxal

    How to allow Guest Network access to internal server with port forwarding?

    Guest Network prevents access to internal network. That's perfect. However I have a server machine that is accessible externally. I have set up port forwarding to allow this. I can access the LAN IP within my network and the External IP:<port> through LTE on my phone or at work. That's...
  7. M

    Forwarding wireless traffic (wl0.1)

    Hi all, I am trying, unsuccessfully, to route all traffic from one of my guest networks. I thought I'd copy the routing that Merlin used for the TOR setup (I want to route to the TOR proxy) so I tried this: iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i wl0.1 -p udp --dport 53 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 9053...