high cpu

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  1. C

    ax11000 has peak cpu

    with my gt ax11000 pro i have frequently dropouts in radio10.nl those peaks seems the reason my music stop i use only ax1100 in middle of the house on the staircase near ceiling ipcams 2.4 (5x),aircon,washmachine, cp (4x) ,tablet 5.1(1x),laptop 5.1(1x) laptop wired daily noon restart as far i...
  2. automaton

    RT-AC68U one CPU pinned at 100% due to wred process

    I have 2x RT-AC68U running in a mesh. The main router appears to have CPU1 stuck at 100% usage: When I SSH in and use the top command I can see it's the wred process: This is after only 2 days of uptime (my router auto reboots every 2 days). I am running firmware 386.5_2 and I can't...
  3. A

    High CPU usage 40-95%

    Hi Everyone, I have upgraded to 380.69 and since then my router started to act weirdly. For some reason, it is constantly using the cpu somewhere between 30-95%. I thought that it was due to an update but then I tried to flash older firmware but the problem persisted. I thought the...