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  1. L

    Management of DDNS when using IPv6 / Overcoming the default: notify_rc("restart_ddns"); command

    The final re-edited / updated / posted errors removed, version of all of this now: The setup that I was using was as follows: Asus DDNS ** is configured via the GUI page: **/Advanced_ASUSDDNS_Content.asp & No-IP DDNS ** was configured via CLI in a new file here...
  2. Laxarus

    Cloudflare inadyn stopped working

    Hello guys, RT-AC5300 merlin 384.19 I have been using inadyn for some time now. without a problem however today I noticed an inadyn issue in the logs. I have been trying a number of things to fix this but got no results. I know that there is a newer merlin firmware but currently it is not...