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  1. B

    GT-AX6000 2.4ghz band not working properly

    So I've had this router for a year and a half now and while 5G works wonderfully with absolutely unreal speeds and latency throughout the whole apartment, all my "smart" appliances have been quite "dumb" for the last couple of months because the router's 2.4ghz band simply refuses to work. Both...
  2. TRSyntax

    AX86U PRO - led setting ignored

    hi folks. this is my first asuswrt-merlin router and i'm still fresh on the subjects but i'll get educated with time. i couldn't find another reference to this issue so i'll just make a new post. on my ax86u pro, when i reboot (or force shutdown cycle) the device, it forgets the state of the...
  3. Mr Solis

    Enabling NAT Acceleration (CTF) breaks Port Forwarding? (RT-AC68U w/ 386.12_4)

    Hi, I've come across an issue with port forwarding not working when IPTraffic is disabled. My intention was to enable CTF to increase throughput. EDIT1: Ahh, further research shows NAT acceleration and port forwarding are incompatible. EDIT2: Why is it that port forwarding for TCP works, but...
  4. R

    Ping issue

    Recently been having a lot of issues with my ax11000 pro, after I uploaded the newest firmware it seems like the router did a complete 360 went from working flawlessly to seemingly barely being able to function. I never had any sort of ping issue on any other router or even before I updated. I...
  5. roxxor

    XT8 wireless backhaul problems, DFS channels, local regulations and "recent" firmwares

    Hi everyone, After long reading and tests regarding the famous "XT8 wireless backhaul constant drops" topics we find all over the place on the web (since, let say, few months before the first 388 branch release), I understand that the problem only concerns gear used outside of the US, in...
  6. P

    SSH connection stops working after ~12h to Asus RT-AX86U -router

    SSH works as it should for approximately 12h which after the router gives me "kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer". When I change any setting in the router via the WebGUI and press apply, SSH works again for 12h. The SSH timeout is set to 0 (disabled). There seems to be...
  7. J

    Skynet Issue adding filter list help?

    Hello i have an issue adding my own filter list it worked a couple days ago but now whenever i want to readd it or update it, i get error like then i get no blocking at all i have picture attached...
  8. Inrumpo

    Solved Exclusive DNS leads to all VPN connections blocked

    Hello community! I'm experiencing a weird and annoying issue. I hope that I'll find some help here. Since I don't know the cause of my issue, I'm posting this one in the VPN section of the forum. Environment: Asus RT-AC86u Router Asus WRT Merlin 386.7_2 amtm 3.3 Skynet 7.2.8 (only script...
  9. P

    How to send http request in user script?

    Hi, i have asus tuf ax3000, with AsusWrt Merlin firmware and i`m trying to send https request through user script. I have created file service-event and put it to the /jffs/scripts and make it executable,but for some reason my request hasn`t send, but script running every time when a service...
  10. R

    AiProtection - no hits at all

    Hello! I own a RT-AX82U for a month now and my AiProtection logs are stuck at zero, so out of curiosity i tried opening some website that is blocked by malicious url filter, and well... the log is still at zero I have tried removing the database...
  11. D

    Cannot update firmware via Mac tried multiple browsers

    I know there are a lot of posts on here covering the "Invalid Firmware Upload To comply with regulatory amendments, we have modified our certification rule to ensure better firmware quality. This version is not compatible with all previously released ASUS firmware and uncertified third-party...
  12. Mr Solis

    RT-AC68U Traditional QoS UL/DL limit values are broken?

    I've recently dirty flashed 386.5 over 386.4 and noticed my download speed had deteriorated (~102mbps reduced to ~18mbps via Ookla) but the built in WebUI Internet Speed test is giving me expected results (102mbps/19mbps). I have Traditional QoS enabled with CTF disabled and this was previously...
  13. D4rkProject09

    Unable to flash Merlin on RT-AX56U

    i have a RT-AX56u which is using the Asus stock firmware and i have been trying to upgrade to the latest version of Merlin. I have rebooted the router before flashing and i also tried with different browsers, but after the upgrade is done the router is still on the stock firmware. i have...
  14. S

    Diversion Cannot access Diversion using SSH or WEBUI

    Hi, I have installed Diversion adblocker and had it working well for a few months, but now when I tried to access it thru SSH it shows the error below: /opt/bin/diversion: /opt/share/diversion/file/helper.div: line 3: syntax error: unexpected word (expecting ")") Any idea how to fix it? I...
  15. R

    AX11000 2.5G Port getting disconnected

    Hi! So i have 2 AX11000 in AiMesh mode, i have the node connected by ethernet backhaul to the main one using the 2.5G port, because i have dual wan (2 ISP´s) in balance mode (1000 mbps + 600 mbps) so triying to get the most out of it via wireless, but the node gets disconnections a couple times...
  16. P

    AX88U v386.2_6 - Guest WIFI SSID breaks WAN connectivity

    Hello everyone, Finally, I'm able to reproduce a bug that pretty much happens in every 2021 release for AX88u. I wasn't able to pinpoint it, so I was using an old version (from more or less one year ago). I have an SSID for 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz with the same name, lets say "MYWIFI", without WIFI6...
  17. I

    Asus OpenVPN Server not connecting

    Hi, Having an issue with the OpenVPN server not connecting. When I reboot the router I am able to login with the VPN connection and after I close the connection for the first time I am not able to connect a second time. I also am noticing a shady IP address that I do not recognize in the VPN...
  18. K

    Asus RT-AC88U merlin 386.1_2 - WIFI setting 5Gz issue

    Hello, Since hard reboot of my router Asus RT-AC88U (merlin 386.1_2), it's impossible to connect to the router by 5Gz Do you know why i have this wifi icon like that? Do you know the solution to restore fully the wifi? Can you help me? Many thanks for your answers
  19. X

    RT-AX86U LAN seems to drop connection?

    Hey all! I recently bought the RT-AX86U, but I've been having issues with the LAN connection. It seems like my upload connection drops randomly, or my download connection drops. I'm not too well versed in networks, so all I know is when playing games I randomly start glitching about or lose the...
  20. E

    VPN fusion completely shuts off internet connection to the router

    Hi!, i have been trying to add an pptp vpn connection to vpn fusion and use exception list to choose specific devices that go through vpn. But my issue is that as soon as everything is done configured and i apply the strange things start to happen all devices loose internet connection and the...