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  1. H

    Get access to HDD connected to RT-AC87U via SFTP (WAN)

    Hi, everyone! I'm new here -and in this little world of tweaking the router-. I've read a lot of posts and I think I am in a very advanced point of what I want to reach. My goal: to have my own video library at home, using Kodi, for the whole family and even to make it accessible where I'm who...
  2. K

    Copying files to an ext3 drive, from an NTFS drive. Is it possible?

    Hi, I have Windows 10 Pro -> Asus RT-AC68U -> nvidia shield TV I would like to be able to transfer files from my Windows 10 Pro desktop where I use NTFS, to my USB hard drives that are connected to my Asus RT-AC68U router using NFS, which would require me to format the drives using ext3. I...
  3. J

    4-bay NAS for Plex, Kodi, 24x7 Surveillance, NZB downloader and VM

    As per title, is there a 4-bay NAS that allows me to the following at the same time? or should I just build my own NAS with high CPU and Memory to accommodate this?(Although my plan is to save electricity using nas box) Priority: - Connect through HDMI (1080p is okay, no need 4K) and run Kodi -...
  4. E

    Raspberry Pi and Firestick Kodi Exodus issues

    I started my Kodi adventure with an Amazon Firestick and had buffering issues constantly. I figured it was my wireless signal so I did two things. 1. I built a Raspberry Pi 3 Kodi machine and wired it directly 2. I bought a RT-AC1900P so I would have a better wireless speed than AT&T could...
  5. P

    Smart Connect - ports are blocked?

    Hi, I have a problem with ASUS RT AC3200. All 3 wifi networks work within the Smart Connect at one SSID with the same password. NextPVR in a PC is not accesible from any other device on the network via the addon for KODI or via the web interface. PC can´t get acces to...
  6. V

    anonymous ip streaming KODI

    I have an ASUS AC3100 router. I'm wondering if there is a way to stream anonymously so my isp doesn't know where my content is coming from. I know I can purchase IPVanish or other software but wondering if my router alone has this functionality. Running KODI on a tv box and Amazon Firestick. TIA
  7. N

    User Script needed to run Emby/Plex/Kodi outside of OpenVPN

    I currently have a script that works just fine for Aria & qBittorent...going through the OpenVPN tunnel via AirVPN. #!/bin/sh # /////////////////////////////// # // Tunnel 4 # /////////////////////////////// # Media Center - Aria iptables -I FORWARD -i tun14 -p udp -d --dport...