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  1. MamaLbh

    Is it possible to run AdGuard Home on Orbi LBR20?

    Here is the github for AGH. It is for OpenWRT, and my understanding is the Orbi's firmware is modified OpenWRT. My Orbi LBR20 has Voxel Firmware. I can add Entware if needed, as there is no sudo, apt-get, or opkg functions on it currently. I have SSH access via Putty. Anyone know if this is...
  2. MamaLbh

    Orbi Lbr20 - OpenDNS problems and other questions

    Hi, I am used to my previous setup - broadband internet and a pcWRT modem which made it easy to have different groups with different rules. So kids devices had moderate-restricted YouTube, went through OpenDNS, had scheduled calendars regulating access, etc where as IoT device had no rules or...
  3. C

    Just grabbed an Orbi LBR20 tried to install Voxel, but no /mnt/circle/overlay

    So I grabbed another Orbi LBR20, as I got one to work pretty well and was comfortable kicking around in ssh on my current runner. Trying to set up V9. I first reset to stock and then installed LBR20-V2.5.2.20, then installed V9., I couldn't see /mnt/circle/overlay so I then...
  4. Julio Urquidi

    News NETGEAR Adds 4G LTE Wi-Fi Router To Orbi Line-Up

    The tri-band Orbi LBR20 combines an AC2200 wireless mesh router with a 4G LTE-A Cat 18 modem, a design that can either let customers solely rely on a cellular connection for internet access, or use the 4G LTE-A connection as a back-up/failover service for their primary internet connection. The...
  5. Julio Urquidi

    CES 2020: NETGEAR Adds 4G LTE To Orbi Tri-Band Mesh Router

    NETGEAR's Orbi 4G LTE Whole Home Wi-Fi router (LBR20) adds a 4G cellular WAN connection to its award-winning mesh networking system. Designed for locations that don’t have easy access to a broadband connection, the newly added 4G cellular connection included with the AC2200 router can either be...