load balancing

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  1. A

    Questions about AiDisk (FTP) and remote access of USB HDD - Load balancing and CGNAT

    I'm planning on connecting our RT-AX59U with a 4TB external USB HDD and activate AiDisk with support for file transfers through SMB, FTP and the web gui of the router. I'll set up remote access through Asus DDNS. Our RT-AX59U is using dual wan load balancing where I run all traffic through WAN1...
  2. N

    AX86U Dual Wan / Load Balancing Concern

    hello everyone, I have this concern, I am using ASUS RT-AX86U, I plugged in 2 ISP and enable load balancing, but I am not sure on how to configure to manage the load, this is the setup I want: configure load balancing between the two ISPs on a single router, with one ISP dedicated to my PC...
  3. maxime

    RT-AC86U and Dual WAN load balancing problems

    Hi to everybody! I've two FTTH Lines connected to my RT-AC86U: - Line1 (1Gbit/300Mbit) set as primary, Wan (PPOE) direct connected to the ISP's Ont - Line2 (1Gbit/1Gbit) set ad secondary, Lan connected to a FritzBox! Router (connected to the secondary ISP's Ont) I've some problem using dual Wan...
  4. D

    RT-AX88U Dual WAN Disconnected past 386.3.2 (or RT-AX88U_386.4_alpha2-ga85421da82)

    Hi Team, I thought I'd make my own thread for this. I run a RT-AX88U using dual WAN load balance -one is a 100/10 fixed wireless, second is a 6/1 DSL. Set it 9/1 load balance, with some connections only going thru secondary (like my gaming laptop, since games have much less latency from the...
  5. D

    Layer 4 VPN load balancing for increased bandwidth

    Hi all, tl;dr is it possible to combine two VPN tunnels to increase my download speeds with AsusWRT Merlin? The situation: I have a RPI4 set up with NZBGet, which connects to the internet via my RT-AX88U. The connection is routed through a OpenVPN client using VPN Director. NZBGet opens...
  6. garycnew

    Entware [DEVEL] Cross-Compile python3-onionbalance Entware Package via Debian Live DVD

    All: I'm in the process of trying to build an Entware python3-onionbalance package. The process is a little more complicated with no existing OpenWRT Makefile, built using Python3, and missing Entware Python3 Dependencies. I've started by modifying a basic, existing OpenWRT Makefile (i.e...