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Questions about AiDisk (FTP) and remote access of USB HDD - Load balancing and CGNAT

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I'm planning on connecting our RT-AX59U with a 4TB external USB HDD and activate AiDisk with support for file transfers through SMB, FTP and the web gui of the router. I'll set up remote access through Asus DDNS.

Our RT-AX59U is using dual wan load balancing where I run all traffic through WAN1 except for two devices who use WAN2. This is achieved by policy routes and I put the ratio to 9:1 for WAN1/2 since 0 is not an option for WAN2.
My two questions are as follows:

1. WAN1 is accessible to the outside world through IPV4 while WAN2 is CGNAT. Will this be a problem in accessing the USB HDD remotely if the router decides to try to connect through WAN2 or can you make the DDNS stick to one WAN (IP-adress)?

2. How will the dual wan load balancing work when connected through remote access and uploading a file to the external USB HDD either via FTP or the web gui. Will it use the load balancing ratio and send one file through WAN1 and then the next through WAN2 (in line with the ratio). If you can make it stick to the one WAN that would be best for my usage.
My two questions are as follows:

Just two questions?... you may want to prototype some of this implementation before asking questions... from other experience around here it promises to be a hot mess. Sorry I can't help otherwise.


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