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  1. WhoYaGonnaCall

    Logging of Web UI logins

    Hi All, I recently tried logging into my router only to find I couldn't because someone was already logged in. I don't recall logging in myself, so I've gone down the path of resetting the router, changing passwords etc. I suspect I might have turned on WAN access at some point without thinking...
  2. X

    Traffic Logs to analyze

    Im trying to use the Log to USB function under Tools : Traffic analyzer screencap of what i've setup is below : USB 2 works and reads fine under Asus I have RT-AC86U with 384.17 on a mesh .. but somehow i can't see the logs or the file being generated via putty or winscp ?? I also rebooted...
  3. Aniraf

    What log messages do you care about?

    I've been trying to watch my home router logs and understand the types of events which typically happen. This all started when I was being hit with a denial of service attack and noticed thousands of DROP events. Ever since, I am trying to make sense of some of these events. I am curious if...
  4. B

    Syslog - Monitoring Router Log Remotely

    I have installed Kiwi Syslog server on Windows 10, and have set the target IP address to my fixed PC address and tried disabling all firewalls, but I am not getting anything showing on Kiwi Syslog. I want to monitor the router logs, and ideally perform some analysis e.g. significant events...
  5. B

    Log and Traffic Stat Retention

    Hi everyone.. When the router reboots traffic stats analysis are lost - is it possible to retain this between reboots? Also - if I want to keep logs securely so they can't be wiped in case of a hack - can this be retained somewhere safely via the log server option? If the log server is down...
  6. GHammer

    384.7 IPV6 Stateful Generates Logged Errors, Stateless Does Not

    I enable stateful vs stateless in order to have routable IPV6 addresses. After doing that, and a quick restart of the router, I checked that the target devices had drawn a routable IPV6 address and then made the proper IPV6 firewall entries. Shortly after, I noticed the log entries shown below...
  7. L

    Does anyone know what 'mt-daapd[902]' is?

    I have an external HDD connected to my Asus router AC88U. Firmware: Asuswrt-Merlin 384.4_2 Today I saw something interesting in my routers general logs. mt-daapd[902]: Short file: /tmp/mnt/[path to a music folder]/[song].mp3 every ~5 minutes 4 of these appear pointing to the same folder on 4...
  8. Spc

    New CMTS, new problems for DHCP Client

    So my ISP just changed old CMTS ( DOCSIS 3.0) to new Cisco CMTS (DOCSIS 3.1). I am using ASUS RT-AC68U and ASUS RT-N66U. New CMTS is Cisco cBR-8: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/video/cbr-series-converged-broadband-routers/index.html Me and alot of my friends that are on this ISP have...
  9. D

    Setting a quota on logs

    Is there a way to set a quota on log size (system, wireless, etc.) ? Would logrotate be the best tool ? What is a reasonable size limit for a log ? Is there a relationship between the size of a log and its memory usage ?
  10. gatorback

    Data Collection for RT-AC68U TMO Cellspot Troubleshooting

    Observations ========= Merline Firmware: 380.58 on a TMO RTAC68u Yesterday: Wifi would not allow iPad until router was rebooted Today: Two wired LAN PC could not ping gateway I would like to start collecting data for troubleshooting and would appreciate: 1) Best practices guide and...