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  1. C

    Dedicated VPN router behind RT-AC88U- Why can't I access Asus webUI while VPN-ing in remotely?

    Hello everybody, this is my first post here, so please be gentle! I'm having issues with accessing my RT-AC88U web interface remotely via a PPTP tunnel. Basically, my setup is as follows: -Asus RT-AC88U as my intenet facing router. (LAN subnet -Linksys LRT214 as a dedicated VPN...
  2. NecroGiggles

    Good router with sticky load balancing?

    I purchased a Synology RT2600ac set it up in load balancing mode + failover. Now I am getting problems with websites not loading and just strange things in general with Netflix. If I use just one Wan no problem. After doing more research I think I need a router that supports sticky load...