merlin 380.68

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  1. T

    Merlin openvpn client: 1 OK, 4 no internet

    Hi gals and guys, Suddenly only one vpn client of 5 that I have configured, is able to connect to the internet. the other four claim they are "connected" (in service state), but I can't reach the internet. Everything worked fine and for no apparent reason, things went wrong. I've tried...
  2. N

    No Rescue Mode (Semi Solved)

    Hello all, I've been working on trying to update my TM-AC1900 router to the latest Merlin for hours now with much frustration. I also woke up to another issue but more on that after a little back story. I bought this router a couple of months ago and have already flashed it to Merlin 380.68_4...
  3. R

    RT-AC5300 IPv6 Stops Working and IPv6 DNS Setting

    Running Merlin 380.68_4 on an RT-Ac5300. Enabling IPv6 works fine for a while. Then after several hours the IPv6 interface on the RT-AC5300 stops working. No response to IPv6 ping and of course no DNS. Have to reboot the router to re-gain IPv6 connectivity. Also, I've set the manual IPv6...
  4. S

    ASUS RT-AC68U Merlin 380.68_2 Poor Download Speeds

    Updated with solution at bottom of this post. I am re-asking this question in the Merlin forum as I did not have the correct forum category the first time...original post here I recently switched to CenturyLink 1gbps service and I'm not seeing the full speeds for download. I get 150-250mbps...
  5. ColonelStrike

    Issues with my AC-87u and Merlin firmware ...

    Hey everyone, I've searched and I've tried to resolve myself my problem but didn't succeeded ... I have a RT-AC-87u since 3 weeks and I've directly installed Merlin firmware on my router. Since the beginning, I've got a few issues with it. The UPNP doesn't work (ports are not open...
  6. F

    Side bar of setting page of AC5300 with the verison of 380.68

    I have just upgraded the firmware version from 380.67 to 380.68. However, when I opened the setting page, the side bar which should be full of tabs (Such as WIFI, System Utilities, and VPN tabs) disappeared. I have even rebooted, but that did not help with anything. Wish someone could solve this...