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    OpenVPN Clients - Error Connecting

    Hi, I'm not sure whats going on here, but I cannot connect to any VPN server. There appears to be an "error connecting", this happens even after reinstalling the .ovpn file. This isn't an issue of username or password being wrong. They are the correct details. I receive the same result with 3...
  2. R

    New owner of ASUS RT-AC86U

    Afternoon guys, So yesterday I decided to take the plunge and pick up a new router, this was the ASUS RT-AC86U. After putting up with the Virgin Media Super Hub for 3-4 years now I thought it was time to put that into modem mode and try out a separate router to see what I have been missing out...
  3. K

    Unable to establish PPPoE session with ISP

    Hi Anyone got any suggestion on RT-AX58U, I am trying to replace my ISP's router with Asus RT-AX58U running merlin 384.19, using PPPoE Connection. I've entered my username and password however I worry that it doesn't get to the authentication step as changing the password for something random...
  4. A

    amtm Script to randomize MAC address daily

    I would request to have an amtm script to randomize the mac address of ASUS merlin on daily basis or predefined interval. the reason is that my ISP doesn't change my IP address even if I'm resetting the router and they said that the only way to change the IP address if your router has the...
  5. SevenFactors

    RT-AC68U V3 Merlin Supported?

    I'm looking to buy ASUS RT-AC68U Which is quite an old router (2013) but just perfect for the purpose that will be bestowed upon it and at a good price. Going over Merlin's README, I see that RT-AC68U are still fully supported...

    Possible intrusion?

    Hi, I woke up this morning and logged on to my iMac and the browser was open with the RT-AX88U's (Merlin) page open. It stated that to login to the page I had to sign out of another logged-in session elsewhere. But I wasn't logged into any other session. Does this mean someone connected to my...
  7. Nosh118

    RT-AC68U won’t update

    Hi there. So I have an RT-AC68U and recently I’ve been having troubles with intermittent connection while running it in repeater mode to my Orbi system (as there is one room in my house that is a complete dead zone). To try and solve this, I thought I’d try to update the firmware. I’m running...
  8. J

    AX and AC routers Aimesh mix

    Hello guys, i am noob in this AIMESH questions I have main router AX88U and node AX56U, i am not really happy about this node so i ordered AX82U and i wish to connect them without cables. And also i have AC86U, i know it's one of the best AC routers on market. So my question is if my wireless...
  9. T

    RT-AX3000 with wifi range extender throttled connection

    Hi all, i know this might be an odd question. I have An atx-3000 running merlin, with skynet,flexqos and speedtest on it. I have a 32gb flash as the jfss drive. I have an older smart TV that doesn't have 5gh, which is dumb, and i rent and can't really run more ethernet. I tried powerline...
  10. xendi

    Diversion Diversion Regexp

    Hi all. Maybe this has already been discussed and need not be relitigated but why use host file format? Why not regexp? regexp > hosts file format, sort of obviously?
  11. Siouxsie

    RT-AX58U Wireguard under Merlin

    Odkrys' thread about Wireguard is older than six months, so I can't ask this question there, otherwise I would. The thread mainly concerns RT-AC86U and RT-AX88U but they recently added RT-AX58U (armv7l, 4.1.52) files to the first post, which I would be willing to test. I'm not quite sure how to...
  12. T

    Asus RT-AC88U with Merlin and Mullvad VPN

    Hi all Pardon my noobinations, I'm looking for a few pointers please with configuring Asus RT-AC88U on Merlin with Mullvad VPN. Router firmware is updated to Merlin 384.19 and so far using Mullvad App currently from pc. Required: 1) 1st Wifi not routed through VPN* 2) 2nd Wifi routed through...
  13. outon

    Movistar TV freezes after few minutes

    Dear experts, I have a problem when I am watching any Movistar+ channel. After a few minutes of watching any channel the screen freezes, and I simply change the channel and return to continuous playback. My router is an Asus RT-AC66U B1 with latest Merlin firmware. But this problems seems...
  14. M

    AdGuard DNS through ASUS Router App

    Has anyone setup and used AdGuard DNS through the ASUS Router app? I hadn’t noticed it until the last update and wasn’t able to find any information regarding AdGuard being set up through the ASUS Router app. Seems pretty straight forward, all it seems you need to do is toggle it on and...
  15. J

    Intermittent DNS failure? Dnsmasq hanging? 384.19 on RT-AX88U

    Hi all, I've had my AX88U setup running well for several months (Diversion, SkyNet, YazFi, etc.). The issue below seemed to start occurring when I recently upgraded to 384.19. I've tried various logs/troubleshooting and can't figure out the root cause. Basically the router appears to...
  16. R

    AsusWRT-Merlin Configuration with VyprVPN and DNS Settings

    VyprVPN provides an App that can be only used with Tomato Shibby; it seems that Shibby is out of date (last update 2017). For router configurations, I see that VyprVPN suggests to use Google DNS or OpenDNS for the “suggested DNS server addresses”. For instance, the instructions for ASUSWRT...
  17. Scobie

    Is there any way to block certain URLs for certain MAC addresses? (YES - solved)

    I just got a new Asus router and I installed Merlin and Diversion and so far it's looking amazing, big props to the developers. Anyway, stock Asus only has firewall blocking for every device, and parental controls blocks too many sites. How do I block URLs for certain MAC addresses? In practice...
  18. ThePooBurner

    Is there a script for configuring VLANs?

    Hi everyone. I've been scouring this forum for a couple months now looking for information on using VLANs via scripting and trying to make sense of everything that I've read. I'm not making this post lightly, as in most of what i've read there seem to be a lot "You should have searched first...
  19. P

    OpenVPN issues on AC88u using latest 384.19

    Hello all, I wonder if anyone's noticing a problem with the openvpn connections using merlinWRT as the openvpn server, and I'd like to know how to fix this. I'm using AC88u with latest 384.19 and the issue is that VPN becomes extremely slow (down to like 50k/s instead of 8MB/s) after using it...
  20. V

    Does Merlin extend AsusWRT with OpenWRT functions?

    Sorry if this is not the right section but not sure where to start. So I'm thinking about buy an Asus router and as a long term OpenWRT/Gargoyle user functions are important. For example important features for me are Adblock, MiniDLNA, SMB/FTP/local filesharing, Transmission, network printer...