multiple routers

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    VPN router behind ISP router

    Hi, My setup is as follows: ISP router -> various computers, zxytel t-50 Lan->Wan VPN Router,->Smart TV, Asus N66U I am trying to get a openvpn client running on the asus router, but I keeep geetin routing IP issues preventing connection. I have gotten a GL.iNet...
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    [I think] I need help with static routing?

    Hello, I have three routers: (Router # 1) AT&T Uverse RG (default settings, set by AT&T) SSID = "Uverse" DHCP enabled Basically, I only use this as the internet gateway for my other two routers. LAN IP = (Router # 2) Asus RT-AC56R (Merlin firmware) SSID = "VPN" DHCP enabled WAN...