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  1. rgnldo

    Tutorial Aria2 - WebUI on AsusWRT-Merlin

    aria2 is a lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source command-line download utility. It supports HTTP/HTTPS, FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent and Metalink. aria2 can be manipulated via built-in JSON-RPC and XML-RPC interfaces. Features Multi-Connection Download. aria2 can download a file from multiple...
  2. daydayupl

    TerraMaster F2-220 2-bay NAS Server 35% off

    TerraMaster F2-220 2-bay NAS Server Intel J1800 2.41GHz Dual Core CPU, 2GB RAM Link: Original Price: $229.95 35% off at final price: $149.5, Free Shipping Claim Code: VNLYN76S Features: - Intel Celeron 2.41 GHz dual-core CPU with...
  3. P

    Should I buy the Linksys LGS308?

    Hi all, I currently have a small home network. Devices are as follows: Wired: TiVo V6 box (living room) TiVo V4 box (bedroom) LightwaveRF hub (G1 - plus 6 G1 devices wifi linked to the lightwaveRF hub) Apple TV G4 Work Laptop TV (not smart but linked for updates) Wifi: iPhone & iPad (plus guest...
  4. N

    Building Home Network, help with segmentation

    This is my first network I've created from the ground up. Cat6 wired in each room with a tech closet. The gateway is a fiber 1 Gbt service. The Netgear switches are L2+, L3. The Qnap NAS has the ability to segment the cameras and Iot devices. A handful of IoT devices require an internet...
  5. daydayupl

    TerraMaster F5-420 5-bay NAS $150 coupon Quad-core CPU, 4GB RAM

    TerraMaster 5-bay NAS F5-420 Quad-core CPU, 4GB RAM Original u/p: $549, $150 off No need of claim code ($150 auto off at checkout) = $399 with free shipping Link: