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  1. Tiny Beard

    Newbie Needs Clear Answers/Direction Please!

    Hey! Completely new here, and rapidly consuming as much info about networking as I can. Certainly a newfound hobby/interest/fixation. I have a pretty open ended question concerning optimal setup for my network with Fios. Short memoir incoming. So, I live in pretty old condos. Parents let me...
  2. K

    Issues with dual router setup

    I've setup my network as shown, but some of the client devices aren't connecting as expected. My attempts at setting Static Routes / VLANs have failed, can any kind souls here help? Issues 1. Steam Link on SHIELD ( normally fails to link with PC (, with streaming...
  3. L

    VLAN on NEW Router... or Separate Routers for IoT and Security

    Hello and the best of 2021 to everyone. I have recently moved to a new home in BC (Canada) and have brought all of my previous gear along. I have a fair bit of hardware accumulated over the years that can be incorporated into a more secured network design. However, I have not yet concluded on...
  4. M

    Rework Home Network

    Okay, for starters I live in a home with 4 family members that consume extreme amounts of data through the use of Gaming on multiple consoles/PCs, Streaming through apps like netflix, hbo, hulu etc. Torrents, and social media and web browsing on multiple handheld devices. There are many dead...