netgear r7800

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  1. L

    Single Router (Asus86U/NG7800 vs Orbi)

    Hi, I currently have an Asus AC66U and it's becoming a bit flaky with disconnecting clients and intermittently disappearing SSIDs. I moved not too long ago into a 3 story house with stud walls/plasterboard. I had expected to upgrade immediately, but I had reasonable wifi in all rooms on...
  2. cdysthe

    No "Smart Connect" on the NETGEAR R7800.

    Hi, I've been working on my home network after my old R7000 died and could not be resurrected. In another thread here I've been advised to step up my game and get a R7800 which is more likely to utilize my gigabit connection through my NETGEAR CM1000 modem. I have ordered a R7800 so I can test...
  3. Killhippie

    R7800 Firmware update

    The prize for the vaguest update I have seen so far this year goes to Netgear with version V1.0.2.38's startlingly comprehensive description as seen below. No idea if krack has been fixed or any of the issues with Samba v3 or the other issues with drives not being seen properly (time machine)...
  4. N

    Router for family member - Orbi system or Stand-alone router - for wifi range

    I am upgrading the cable modem and router for a family member. Cable modem - Getting them the same MB8600 D3.1 modem I have. Just looking for new router recommendations given their environment: Environment: They have a recently built two story home (including large finished basement) with an...