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Single Router (Asus86U/NG7800 vs Orbi)

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I currently have an Asus AC66U and it's becoming a bit flaky with disconnecting clients and intermittently disappearing SSIDs. I moved not too long ago into a 3 story house with stud walls/plasterboard. I had expected to upgrade immediately, but I had reasonable wifi in all rooms on 2.4GHz channel.

Have been doing a bit of research and had initially settled on the Orbi with the router on G/F in the centre of the house, and the satellite in the study on the 1/F at the back supplying wifi to the 2/F rooms (ideally using wire, but wireless possible). But looking at forums etc, there seems to be quite a few unhappy people with dodgy firmware, and also the relative lack of functions compared to single routers. Given my current older router provides reasonable signal, I thought it may be worth just updating my router with a later edition.

Also I don't have loads of devices, although I plan to add security cameras etc. Probably fewer than 15 devices in total at present.

Options I'm debating are:
1) Replace my current router with Orbi as above.

2) Use my router and Orbi as an AP. But not sure if my asus 66U is too old or 'good enough' to handle those parts or whether it would be a waste of the Orbi.

3) Buy either 86U or 7800. If range isn't good enough, then add Orbi?

4) Briefly thought about Ubiquiti and Unifi stuff, but felt it was too expensive and probably not worth it.

I'd be grateful for your thoughts and any other options I've not put down.

We have a 3 story house and I moved our RT-AC86U upstairs to the top floor, removed all coverage issues, used an AiMesh setup with another AC86U with the main router in the basement, made a big difference moving modem+router upstairs.
Simple and very reliable setup.
Thanks for that. I just managed to get them to move the modem to the middle of the ground floor. No chance of getting it onto other floors. I could put a switch in, but then would have a switch between my modem and router and I thought that was a bad idea.

Having looked a bit more, my 66U seems a bit too outdated and lots of people seem to like the fast VPN on the 86U, so I'll probably go for the 86U first and if it isn't good enough, then I'll add the Orbi as APs. Potentially cheaper or extra expensive. I'd feel worse if it wasn't for the fact that most people on this forum seem to have multiples of every router :D

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