netgear r9000

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  1. F

    Voxel Wireguard server on Netgear r9000?

    Can I configure the server on the Netgear r9000 Vorxel? Can I see the guide on the official website to configure the interface?
  2. M

    Nighthawk R9000 Eth1 and Eth2 interfaces

    Hi All, I'm trying to identify which ports in the back of the R9000 are eth1 and eth2 respectively, I know all are in the same switch but I want to break apart the switch and use those eth1 and eth2 independently, each has its own MAC address. Any ideas where do I need to look into the Voxel's...
  3. Voxel

    Custom firmware build for R9000/R8900 v.

    Continuation of: . . .
  4. n944la

    WTB: Netgear Nighthawk X10 AD7200 (R9000) & Gbit managed switch

    If anyone has a NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 AD7200 (R9000) for sale, I am looking for one. PM or email for additional. Additionally I need a MANAGED multi-port gigabit switch. POE NOT needed. Fiber a plus. Eight (8) ports minimum. Quality brand only. Tnx Tim ARS N9NU