new asus router

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  1. B

    Buying advice ASUS RT-AX86U, RT-AX88U or RT-AXE7800

    Hey, first post so this may have been discussed or not in the right place. I had an RT-AX86U but it wouldn't turn on and the seller has no more in stock. Having looked around I've found 3 routers and I now can't decide which is best as I'm new to using a custom router compared to the ISP...
  2. C


    Hello everyone, My house has brick walls, and it is time to upgrade from my Asus n56U. My connection is 30MB DOWN and 5 UP. Which router will give me the maximum range? The range is a huge priority. I am not looking for a mesh network. If you have two or three suggestions, that would be...
  3. MarWell

    Recomendations buying a new Asus router

    Hi everyone! I'm planning to purchase a new Asus Router. The main use I'll give the router is to use it with OpenVPN connection, my Internet speed is about 200 Mbps, but I'm using a old Asus that can only archive around 22 Mbps (AC66U_B1) and I'm losing a lot of speed, the VPN provider can...