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  1. M

    Dynamic dns service on R7800 - alternative to default No-ip (on Voxel firmware?)

    Hi, some while ago the Netgear's dynamic dns service (No-ip) started sending out confirmation emails every 30 days, which you have to click a link to confirm. To avoid the confirmation emails you have to pay extra. I wonder if there are any better alternatives (which you don't have to confirm...
  2. L

    Management of DDNS when using IPv6 / Overcoming the default: notify_rc("restart_ddns"); command

    The final re-edited / updated / posted errors removed, version of all of this now: The setup that I was using was as follows: Asus DDNS ** is configured via the GUI page: **/Advanced_ASUSDDNS_Content.asp & No-IP DDNS ** was configured via CLI in a new file here...
  3. T

    FTP permissions with AC87U & Merlin

    Hey all, I'm trying to set up an FTP server on my AC87U with the latest Merlin FW. I've set up DDNS w/No-IP and two sets of permissions on the router: one for me with RW access on everything, and one for friends with read-only access on one folder. When I enter the hostname in a browser...
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    DDNS update fail after update to 380.6+

    After I updated my AC87U to the latest 380.60 beta2, my DDNS configuration to is not working anymore. I only realized that today, so I downloaded the new version 380.61 and updated my router, and DDNS still not working. After I choose server No-IP and correctly insert my login...