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    PiHole and OpenVPN client 'Accept DNS Configuration' set to 'Exclusive' - DNS leak

    I have an OpenVPN client connected to an ExpressVPN server. It is important for streaming to have the 2 devices that use that VPN connection to use the VPN's DNS servers. I have “Accept DNS Configuration” set to Exclusive on this OpenVPN Client. 2 days ago, I installed PiHole on a Raspberry Pi...
  2. gspannu

    VPN Client Director DNS Filter - Guidance needed for simple setup

    Need some assistance on setting up VPN Director/ VPN Client. Current setup: - Router: ASUS RT-AX88U running latest 386.3 - Add-ons: Diversion - I have about 12 clients connected (Ethernet & WifI) WAN: - Connect to DNS Server automatically (so is using the ISP servers) LAN: - DNS Filter: ON/...
  3. A

    Only one OpenVPN Client profile will work on RT-AC87U FW380.59

    After having switched VPN providers I set up client 2 and it was working fine. I set up client 1 with the same settings but a different server address, it did not work. It would start and show in the log that it has initialized correctly, but tun/tap read and write remained at 0. I formatted the...