VPN Client Director DNS Filter - Guidance needed for simple setup


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Need some assistance on setting up VPN Director/ VPN Client.

Current setup:

- Router: ASUS RT-AX88U running latest 386.3
- Add-ons: Diversion
- I have about 12 clients connected (Ethernet & WifI)

- Connect to DNS Server automatically (so is using the ISP servers)

- DNS Filter: ON/ Global Filter Mode: Router
- 2 clients excluded from Global Filtering; Filter mode: No Filtering.
- This is done so that the 2 specific clients do not go through Diversion Ad-Blocking

All is working great for many months, no issues.

Now to the question...

I have now setup my own OpenVPN Server at DigitalOcean VPS.
Setup the OpenVPN server; I can connect; all works fine. Tested separately.

What I would like to achieve:

) All my internet traffic should go over the VPN tunnel; including the specific DNS Servers published by the VPN server.
b) I want to setup 3 clients so that they DO NOT use the VPN tunnel, but DO use the Diversion ad-block.
c) I want to setup 1 client so that they DO NOT use the VPN tunnel, and DO NOT use the Diversion ad-block either.

Can someone please guide as to how I setup the pages on the
- OpenVPN Client 1 settings
- VPN director setings
- DNS Filter settings

Apologies, if the above is like a Noob question - but my own trial /error and researching the forum posts has not yielded a solution.

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