openvpn configuration

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  1. K

    How do I configure my OpenVPN server on my Asus router to allow spacific use by different clients

    I have set up a OpenVPN server on my Asus RT-AX82U router (Firmware version and it has automatically generated a Client.opvn file. But how do I now alter this file to allow certain access to my net work? I have a couple of servers, which also contain web services, and some...
  2. M

    Asus RT-AC68R OpenVPN: cannot resolve client-side IP addresses

    I have setup the OpenVPN for this router and when I connect from the client (Windows Server 2012 r2), I can resolve IP addresses on the router's LAN, but I can't resolve IP addresses from the client's LAN, including the client computer itself. I have added the client-side IP range and subnet...
  3. S

    OpenVPN Client: Accept DNS Configuration

    Hi! My question is about the OpenVPN Client setting: Accept DNS Configuration: Strict Accept DNS Configuration: Exclusive What is the difference between these two values? How do they work compared to each other? There are a few webpages with explanations on this, but to me they seem...
  4. J

    OpenVPN 2.4 with ECC and ECDH

    Hi. First things first, want to thank Merlin for the great work on the firmware - really appreciate the hard work that goes into this project :) So, I've upgraded the firmware on my AC87U to 380.65, which comes with OpenVPN 2.4. So now I'm trying to set up a server that uses Elliptic Curve...
  5. Q

    Please help to configure remote OpenVPN server for RT-N66U client

    Hello! I have a VPS server under Ubuntu 15.4 with OpenVPN 2.4 installed. And I have RT-N66U with 380.65_beta1. My current server config is: dev tun proto tcp port 1194 ca /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys/ca.crt cert /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys/server.crt key /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys/server.key...
  6. L

    VPN Confusion

    I just bought the Asus RT-AC5300 and want to setup VPN. I read a lot of great things about Merlin and installed that firmware today. I am trying to grasp the VPN as its a bit different from my old Linksys. I see there is a VPN server and VPN client and this is where the confusion starts. I...
  7. P

    How to block access to usb storage over openvpn connection

    RT-AC66U, Merlin 380.61. This is a newb question, but I can't find an answer after googling. I have set up openvpn server with certificates on the router and can use the VPN OK from my phone, but want to allow access to the USB drive I have attached to the router ONLY to users on the local...