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  1. sfx2000

    [news] - Samsung, Plume launch OpenSync(tm) middleware

    OpenSync™ creates the first multi-industry, open service curation, delivery, management and support framework; benefits showcased by an eight-participant interoperability demonstration including Liberty Global, Bell Canada and Comcast at the Broadband World Forum 2018 BERLIN — October 23, 2018...
  2. thiggins

    Quantenna and Plume Buddy Up With 5x5 MIMO AX

    Quantenna and Plume on Monday announced they are integrating Plume’s Adaptive WiFi "AI driven" mesh solution with Quantenna's Wi-Fi chipset portfolio. The announcement focused on Quantenna's QSR5GU-AX PLUS chipset, which was announced Sept 12. This is the first draft 802.11ax device to support...
  3. Razor512

    Plume is turning its mesh Wi-Fi into a subscription service

    Plume is moving to a subscription based system for their products in order to maintain the features which they refer to as "Active Management", though they fail to detail what that entails, and if the subscription is not paid, they claim that the products will continue to function but with...
  4. thiggins

    Comcast Goes Nationwide With XFi Pod Wi-Fi Extenders

    Comcast today announced nationwide availability for its xFi Pod Wi-Fi extenders. The company had previously trialed the devices in limited markets late last year. The Pods act as Wi-Fi extenders, working with select Comcast xFi gateways (Arris TG1682G, Cisco 3941T, Arris TG3482G, Technicolor...
  5. Julio Urquidi

    Canadian Carrier Bell Partners With Plume

    For $5 per month, Bell customers can rent the Canadian provider’s Whole Home Wi-Fi package that includes four Plume access points - also called pods, giving subscribed homes a rented wireless mesh network. The Plume pods basically offer Bell customers an app controlled AC1200 dual-band...
  6. thiggins

    Plume In a Three-way On Carrier Wi-Fi Mesh Systems?

    Plume Design today announced collaborations with both Broadcom and Qualcomm for development of multi-node distributed Wi-Fi systems. The Broadcom deal focuses on integration of Broadcom's Air-IQ and ZeroWaitDFS features with Plume's Adaptive WiFi Cloud Control and Management Platform. Also...
  7. thiggins

    Comcast Takes Larger Stake in Plume.

    The mesh Wi-Fi market is consolidating since the entry of Google and established consumer Wi-Fi makers like NETGEAR and Linksys. So smaller players will need to soon find partners or find themselves with dwindling market share. Plume seems to have found its dream date in Comcast. Business...
  8. thiggins

    Comcast Spiffs Up Its Wi-Fi Act, Taps Plume For Mesh

    Comcast officially announced the revamped Wi-Fi product it previewed at CES 2017. xfinity xFi is a new user interface to control the Wi-Fi for Comcast customers with its xFi Wireless Gateway or xFi Advanced Gateway. It uses an iOS or Android app to control Wi-Fi and other router features...
  9. thiggins

    Plume Gets Comcast Backing

    Axios reports that mesh Wi-Fi maker Plume has raised around $27M of a new total $37.5M offering. Comcast is reported to be lead investor and Comcast executive Tyson Marian has joined Plume's board of directors.
  10. M

    SNB in Ars Technica

    Just read this, with direct linking and mention of SmallNetworkBuilder! A good read, too! :) Cudos, SNB! Cheers, /MadGabZ
  11. thiggins

    Plume "Pod" WiFi Ships

    Plume, the maker of tiny wall-plugged Wi-Fi mesh "pods" that emerged from stealth in June, announced it now shipping all pre-sales orders and has moved to regular sales of the product. Plume's order page now shows "Ships in 3-4 weeks" instead of the pre-order notice. Pricing has increased to...
  12. thiggins

    Plume Joins the Mesh Wireless Battle

    Plume emerged from stealth yesterday with yet another multi access point solution aimed at improving Wi-Fi performance in any sized home. The headline for Plume, however, is its $49 per "pod" price. eero's module costs four times that and Luma's per unit price is 3x. The catch, however is that...