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  1. V

    Port forwarding not working?

    Hi, I have an RT-AX58U. I used to run a dedicated server for the game, Left 4 Dead 2, but have stopped for a year or two. I'm trying to get back in it, and the port I'm trying to open for the server, 27015 for TCP and UDP, remains closed despite setting it to be open in the Asus Merlin Web GUI...
  2. S

    Help Understanding NAT Forwarding From ISP Router To Asus Ax92U

    Hey, I have a static IP from my ISP assigned to my connection, meaning they changed my IP from public to static from the backend, this was done when I complained I could not play games as my ports were blocked (they had a new policy of blocking ports and changing router admin password - money...
  3. Miliano

    Asus port forwarding to VPN network rather than WAN and external public

    I have an ASUS RT-AC59U V2, that is connected to my OpenVPN server. VPN clients are able to reach each other, trough intranet IP's. Basically i want to expose my home printer so I can reach it while I'm connected to my vpn. Considering that on port 123 on my phone is exposed a specific...
  4. garycnew

    Solved [SOLUTION] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.19 PortForwarding Not Working To Private Gateway Address

    All: I've run into an issue on Asuswrt-Merlin 384.19 where creating a PortForward through Advance Settings > WAN > Virtual Server/PortForwarding creates the following iptables (but are not working): iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 443 -j ACCEPT iptables -A VSERVER -p tcp -m tcp...
  5. N

    VPN client and server over Wan

    Hi I have a VPN client active in the router. Policy routing VPN WAN I have a DDNS setup based on the wan external ip (not ip retrieved from VPN). I have port forward of 80 and 443 and another port to where I have some services running (home assistant)...
  6. thevlcuser

    Can't connect to FTP server through the router from external IP address

    Hello! I have created a FTP server using FileZilla Server successfully on a network. I can access the server with this address and see the files on the local network: Now I have the problem when accessing the server from an external address using the server computer...
  7. W

    Brute Force Port Forward

    This is originally taken from Merlin's Wiki. I have adapted the script so that I can make multiple ports forward with one script. However I need a fresh pair of eyes, it isn't working properly. I can't access the forwarded port. It tries for a while and eventually fails. Any insight? My...
  8. N

    Forwarding an incoming port from OpenVPN to a local LAN IP

    Hi! I have a possibly trivial scenario, which, after searching and reading some vaguely related threads would probably be solvable with iptables and some jffs scripts, but I found nothing that would cover my scenario: 1. I have a VPN service provider, where I configure portforwarding of port...
  9. W

    GT-AC5300 Port forwarding issues

    Hi Guys, I recently bought this new Router, im very pleased with the performance however... I have a dedicated server in my house running several vps. One of them is my webserver where i do some webstuff on. Obviously id like this server to be visible from the outside. My previous router...
  10. GlukRazor

    RT-AC68U Port Forwarding and WAN Accsess issue

    I find some problems with my internate provider, so that I do complet reinstal my router with nvram cleanup (I hope so). Now, with 384.9 firmware, I could do nothing with ports: I cannot forward ports, cannot access WebIU or SSH from WAN. System even doesn’t response on ping from WAN. But I do...
  11. B

    Port 88 will not stay open

    Hi everyone, I have 2 IP cameras on ports 80 and 88 respectively. Been working fine until the one on port 88 stopped for some reason. When I try a port checker (while troubleshooting on the webased recording service I subscribe to) it tells me that port (88) is closed. Yet, according to my...
  12. M

    Error Message 382.1.2 on AC88 Port Forwarding New Limitation - HELP

    Dear SNB Gurus, I need your help all the SNB Gurus a step by step GUIDE to configure portforward using a NAT START SCRIPT / MANUAL IPTABLES If I can use a spreadsheet or CSV table then would be great as I have more than 90s ports per set up. BACKGROUND: Error Message "Resulting list of Port...
  13. S

    Implement disable/enable for Port Forwarding rules?

    Would it be feasible to implement Enable/Disable for each existing Port-Forwarding rule? I recently discovered by chance that I had many undesired rules towards my NAS. Probably my mistake enabling UPNP sometime. But I could not distinguish between my own rules and the UPNP created rules and...
  14. simistef

    Port forwarding: AC68U & Synology & Merlin

    Hi there, i've just moved to Merlin firmware, and i cannot setup the port forwarding rules anymore like with the standard ASUS firmware. Synology identifies the Merlin firmware and version (Firmware:380.65_4) correctly, i do save the settings and all ports are marked as OK. Then i do a test...