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  1. tokengreen

    Asus RT N66U PPTP VPN Client won't allow connection to VPN network - DNS problem?

    Hi there, I'm a little lost. I'm using the RT N66U as a secondary router to connect to a VPN for an Amazon Fire stick. I was using the same model for years when it died. For several reasons, I've got a spare of the same router I've started setting it up and I'm having problems with setting up...
  2. A

    PPTP multicast problem

    Hello. I have a software that uses a multicast address and a UDP port 37020 for sending and receiving control packets to/from devices. My problem is that when my notebook with the software is on the network it finds devices no problem but when connected through the PPTP VPN it...
  3. B

    RT-AC5300 RT-AC88U issues connecting PPTP VPN Server

    Hi all, There is an issue with connecting to a PPTP VPN Server, which is located in the router's network, starting with FW version 386.2_4 and UP. The last known working version is 386.2_2. We have tested with router models RT-AC5300 and RT-AC88U. On all versions PPTP VPN Passthrough is enabled...
  4. M

    PPTP Server - WINS Setting

    I have an Asus RT-AC88U Router configured with Asuswrt-Merlin ver 384.18. The LAN address of the router is I have configured the LAN DHCP Server of the router with WINS address I then configured the router's PPTP Server with "Connect to WINS Server...
  5. B

    Asus RT- AC68U VPN account problem

    Hi, I am running official ASUSWRT on my Asus RT-68U router with F/W ver : and H/W ver : C1. I tried adding and applying new PPTP VPN accounts into my router, clicking on APPLY for every new single entry. And i realize that on the 12th entry, all my previous 11...
  6. Korbyn

    PPTP Routing

    I have a AC-97U and just starting playing with the PPTP VPN to my company, however it appears to route everything up the VPN, and I would very much just like to do selective subnets, AND be able to reject sending traffic to some specific IP addresses in some of those subnets. I didn't see...