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Asus RT N66U PPTP VPN Client won't allow connection to VPN network - DNS problem?

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New Around Here
Hi there, I'm a little lost. I'm using the RT N66U as a secondary router to connect to a VPN for an Amazon Fire stick. I was using the same model for years when it died. For several reasons, I've got a spare of the same router I've started setting it up and I'm having problems with setting up the DNS correctly.

If I set everything to automatic, there's no connection on my PC, but the VPN client on the router will connect. When I set the DNS manually on the router in DHCP there is connection. The main problem is that I have a HDMI encoder on the VPN server side which I want devices connected to the router to be able reach, which doesn't seem to show up. (times out when I try to visit the web gui for it, ping times out too)

If anyone has any suggestions, i'd be most appreciative. Thanks!

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