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  1. J

    “new” (2 months old) Quad9 DNS protocol test

  2. G

    Turning the tables on the patent trolls..

    Why would this matter to Information or Network Security Think about it.. I admire Cloudflare a lot for what they do. I use Cloudflare's DNS services - Quad9 + DNSSEC + DoT which have been discussed in many other threads on this board. One thread in this section most recently...
  3. DarkWolfSLV

    DNS Filtering - Custom DNS?

    I like to manually configure DHCP and therefore for IPv4 I have configured (Quad9) as DNS server and for IPv6 I have 2620:fe::fe (Quad9 IPv6). ALL my devices correctly receive the following IP settings: IP: 172.16.0.X M: /24 DG: DNS: IP: 2001:A:B:C::1001 M: /64...