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  1. mekki

    Solved UPDATE: No longer required. See thread. - [Feature request] Option for DHCP Query Frequency Backoff Mode

    Current options for WAN DHCP query frequency are: Normal: When router does not get a response from ISP, send another query after 120 seconds and make 2 more attempts. Aggressive: When router does not get a response from ISP, send another query after 20 seconds and make 3 more attempts...
  2. M

    Constant localhost DNS querys for Google

    With a RT-AX86U router, I'm noticing some "google.com" DNS lookups from every few minutes on the AdGuard dashboard. I have blocked them and have not experienced any issues thus far. However, I am still unsure which process is generating this constant traffic. With TCPDump, I'm using...
  3. SwizItalo

    Android "Dns Test app" is slow when MAC address is fixed

    I downloaded this app that make dns queries, because i was having issues in some websites. So i tested it, and finally found that when my android phone (s22) was with fixed MAC address, happens that i have issues, and with random MAC it works ok. Reading online some people say that clearing dns...
  4. M

    AdGuardHome AdGuard blocked local domain queries

    Today I had an issue with AdGuard where it was blocking queries for local domain hosts. When I checked the dashboard, I noticed many blocks for local queries and they all pointed to the EasyList list. AdGuard reported a block with rule ||o. So, I tried to open EasyList and see if it had...
  5. M

    ntpMerlin Many DNS querys for NTP

    I was monitoring Dnsmasq log through Diversion's option and saw that my router's NTP is making a lot DNS querys. I'm using NTPMerlin with Chrony as NTP server and every 15s approximately it makes a new query. Here is an example of the many requests made. Enter term to filter by [q=Quit]...
  6. M

    Diversion Lots of DNS queries with Diversion

    I've updated my RT-AC86U to the latest firmware 386 with a full reset and installed Diversion. Actually, only now I'm experimenting Diversion. So, I tryed to "follow dnsmasq.log" with the "Unfiltered log" option and saw a huge amount of constant DNS querys for A and AAAA values for a specifc...
  7. D

    Script to query for DNSCrypt resolvers

    I'm trying to create a script that: a) Extracts DNSCrypt resolver names from all filenames beginning with "S09dnscrypt-proxy" in the /mnt/sda1/entware-ng.arm/etc/init.d directory. b) Performs a lookup for the resolver names' ip address c) Adds the resolver names' ip addresses to an ipset set...