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  1. M

    Lab Environment - Testing Azure

    Hey Folks! My first post here and if there are any rules I need to follow I'm all ears. I am looking to get some help around static routes and testing a lab environment. If I have a S2S VPN (site to site VPN) connected from my home to Azure, can I setup a default route / static route on my...
  2. I

    Looking for some detailed info on the "Use DHCP Routes" setting

    Hey all, I'm bringing another question here, because I haven't been able to find any detailed info. What does the Use DHCP routes setting do under LAN / IPTV? By default it's set to Microsoft, but I don't think I'm using the setting, so, should I set it to disabled? Also, does it control the...
  3. U

    A couple of questions regarding the implementation of RGW:No and Exclusive DNS (386.4)

    Hi! First I will describe my config, and then the problems that I encountered when upgraded from version 386.2_2 to 386.4 The router is used as a gateway to my work network. The connection is made using OpenVPN, here is a part of the client config: When connected, the server pushes routes...
  4. R

    Multi-Router - Multi-LAN network help please!

    Hello everybody, I have a relatively complex network building in progress, and I would like some help from the experienced networking people here! It's a three story building. I have two VDSL2 connections coming in with their according modem/routers, a Cisco dual wan load balancing router set...
  5. D

    Mikrotik DHCP Routing

    Didn’t really know what to call this.. So I am trying to achieve the following I have an ubiquiti wireless AP and a Mikrotik hapac2. I want to have two wireless networks one of which will give internet access over a vpn (route and the other straight to wan (route Now...
  6. gabox

    Doubt on routing table.??

    Hi, I am newbie on world Asus router. I have a rt68u so im very satisfied with it. My doubt is following about routing table. I used my Asus router behind a isp modem bridge. I am a little confusing about i dont know about it ?? and i dont understand on terminology routing table...
  7. O

    Printer in Guest Network...

    Hi, I am a noob at this hence appreciate your patiene. I have a Linksys EA6900 router running XWRT-Vortex (AsusWRT-Merlin port for Linksys). I have a wireless printer in the Guest wifi SSID (need this is guest network because my kids friends come over for studies and need access to printer). At...