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  1. GameDr04

    SCP & RSYNC Constantly Break

    I have been having a very bizarre issue with terminal-based file transfers for the past couple months, now. This issue has taken a full five weeks of the most outrageous troubleshooting steps to identify (it's how I roll). I removed the cable that Xfinity put on the outside of my house and...
  2. BreakingDad

    Tutorial A Simple Guide to Using RSync on Asus Merlin to Backup Network Drives

    Ok based on my own recent experience of installing RSync this is a basic guide, as requested, on how to get Rsync working on Merlin Firmware. Please READ the whole guide first before attempting any code in this guide. This guide assumes you know the basics of logging into your router using...
  3. T

    AC86U rsync - no space left on device (28)

    I'm running rsync (installed from Entware) between an AC86U (local) and AX56U (remote) to move some files between the two routers - both at 384.17. The command: rsync -avh --inplace --exclude '*.swp' -e 'ssh -p XXXXX -i /jffs/dropbear/private_key' admin@d.d.n.s-ip:/[remote_source]...
  4. amplatfus

    bidirectional sync rsync alternatives

    Hi all, Because I saw that rsync can do only one-direction sync I started to search for bidirectional sync software. I found unison but I saw that is not on Entware repository. I will update here with other findings. Could you please help me here with other alternatives for rsync with...
  5. T

    RT-AC86u - Rsync Daemon doesn't start - missing

    Hi Forum, firstly I want to mention that I am not really into linux, so please be patient. I only know the basics. I do have a problem starting the rsync daemon on my RT-AC86u Router. I installed asuswrt-merlin (V 382.1_2) and optware using this tutorial...
  6. G

    rsync - segmentation fault

    Hello, I have an RT-AC66U installed with the release 380.58 from Merlin. I have also installed Optware-NG + Transmission + MiniDlna (and configured the common stuff from this router such as SSH, openVPN...). I have just install a NAS on my home network and looked forward to sync specific...